Open Palace as a museum

Highly paid top civil servants have underestimated the size of the NHS budget this year by £2.5billion.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 8:12 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 9:13 am

So what?

Just give the NHS another £2.5billion.

Top civil servants responsible for underestimating the NHS budget are proposing we shut 50 A&E departments to make up the shortfall.

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This is inappropriate, especially when one remembers £3billion is about to be spent on restoration work for the Houses of Parliament.

I hope top civil servants won’t be getting the usual round of peerages, knighthoods and CBEs for this poor forecasting.

Why doesn’t Parliament meet in Manchester Town Hall instead?

That would save £3billion right away.

We can turn the Palace of Westminster into a museum and tourist attraction until the admission fee money raises the £3billion for the renovation work.

After all, the Queen had to open Buckingham Palace to pay for the restoration of Windsor Castle following the fire of 1992.

When you remember the Holyrood Parliament cost overrun, who knows what the Westminster renovations will finally cost?

But I’d bet my house the cost over-run will be more than £2.5billion.

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,