Opening up for a major display

John Thompson outside of the Central Library
John Thompson outside of the Central Library

AN exhibition will be launched next month to explain more about a town organisation.

The town lodges of the Freemasons are holding a display in the Central Library in York Road, Hartlepool, running from Monday, July 29, for five days.

John Thompson is the provincial junior grand warden for the province of Durham, based in the Harte Lodge, in Raby Road.

He said: “We wanted to do an exhibition on freemasonry, on what it is and what we do. We wanted to talk about how it works in Hartlepool and our charitable giving, and all the charities we support in the town. We are just normal people at the end of the day and we wanted to focus on that.”

Mr Thompson added: “In the past, we have not been the best at communicating about what we do and we are trying to break the barriers down. We are a lot more open than we were.”

The Freemasons have two lodges in Hartlepool, with one in Raby Road and one at Regent Street on the Head-