Debunking the myths surrounding contant lenses

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WHILE I was examining a young university student we started to discuss contact lenses.

“Oh I would never wear them,” he declared. “I’m a medical student and I know they can become dislodged and go around the back of the eye.”

It turns out he was a second year medical student but what utter rubbish he was suggesting. I’m not sure if he did eventually qualify but I hope he listened a bit more in his lectures.

To make it clear, there is no way that a contact lens can go behind the eye and a 13-year-old GCSE biology student would know that.

So I began thinking about the myths surrounding contact lens wear.

• Myth number one: They are difficult to use.

It is true they can take a bit of practice to get used to, but it does not take long to get the hang of it. At Specsavers and other opticians, we sit down and show you how to put them in and out, go over do’s and don’t’s and make sure you are confident with your new lenses.

• Myth number two. I’m too young for contact lenses.

There is no official age to start wearing contact lenses. Occasionally hospitals will fit babies with contact lenses.

It depends on whether the optician and parents decide if someone is mature and capable enough to wear and look after them. Our youngest wearer was four years old. Now at eight, she encourages everyone to try them.

• Myth number three. I’m too old for contact lenses.

There are no age limits. Although as you get older, your eyes become dryer, there are many different solutions to this. Plenty of our customers are grandparents and they are very comfortable wearing contact lenses. We can fit both bifocal and varifocal contacts if necessary.

• Myth number four. They are uncomfortable.

Technology has moved forward so even if you have tried contacts in the past and didn’t get along with them, it may be time to give them a second chance. Today’s lenses are made with material that lets more oxygen into your eye, ensuring adequate hydration and comfort.

• Myth number five. They are a hassle.

It’s really not at all complicated. Daily disposable lenses are super easy – you wear them once then throw them away. No cleaning. No hassle. Of course, daily lenses are excellent for those occasional times when you don’t want to wear glasses, like when you play sports, exercise or dance.

• Myth number six. My prescription wont work.

Actually almost all glasses wearers could use contacts. So if you think your prescription is too complicated, think again. There is almost certainly a contact lens for you.