FEELING GREAT: Clunk, click every trip is not the way

Today’s column is only for people who are hearing things.

Specifically - “Click, clunk & crack”from various joints in their body.

Once upon a time in the 80’s, there was a film with a karate master who took on a new student named Daniel.

The student had recently moved to a new school and was being bullied by the big kids there.

Daniel was full of frustration and anger and wanted to end that fast, so he told the karate master that he wanted to skip straight to the advanced stuff so that he could put up a better fight next time the big lads picked on him.

“Show me something advanced”. So the master thought about it. And in the blink of an eye, threw a punch so fast, the speed of it blew out a nearby candle.

“Show me how to punch that fast!” squeaked the student.

To which the master said...

“First, you need to learn HOW to punch”...

And here’s the thing: People suffering with things like knee, back, hip or ankle pain often miss this point.

They try to skip the fundamentals of a full recovery and literally try to run before they can walk.

And, thus, often leave themselves in a much worse situation because of it – with even more swelling, aches, clicks, clunks and cracks.

Worse yet, some people who you might think would and should know better, are often guilty of skipping the fundamentals of knee, back and hip joint recovery too.

“Do some exercise...that’ll help” . But what if you’ve continued with exercise thinking it’s helping and skipped over the fundamentals such as taking a quick look down at your feet?

The most exercise rich people over the age of 50 that I know will regularly ask the question to find out if everything down there is in the right place and working as it should be.

But if you neglect this, then you’d be guilty of trying to take the fast route back to recovery, which is rarely the best.

And a costly mistake that so many people aged 50+ are guilty of making.

Thing is, it’s “killing” your joints.

Think of it like this: If the foundations of your house start to crack or rot, it’s going to fall down, sooner, rather than later.

And it doesn’t matter how strong the roof is or the top floor, that’s coming down too.

And that’s a mistake I see so many people making with their own health.

They’re so hell bent on strengthening their backs, or improving posture up top, that they neglect to think about the most important part of all – their feet.

So trying to stop the pain caused at your back, hip, knee, neck or shoulder, and even ankle joint, without doing this one thing, is wasted time and a bit like jumping on a speeding bullet train that’s going in the wrong direction.

Sure, you’re going to get somewhere, and fast, but it isn’t going to be the place that you needed to be in.

So if it’s the holy grail of better physical heath, keeping active and “on-the-go”, for as many years yet as you can, as well as looking and felling 1000per cent healthier, that you’re after, then you CAN’T sustain it without making sure that the position of your feet and what you wear on them is as near perfect as is possible.

One final thing: Knees that click, clunk and crack, are screaming out for help. And rarely does it come in the form of any extra exercise. Doing more exercise is the goal. Not the cure. I’ll write more next week on the quickest and easiest way to make a change to what you put in your shoes, meaning more support for the rest of your body.