FEELING GREAT: Common reasons why back pain happens

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Sometimes it happens…you’re chugging along nicely. You feel fit and well. And you think your health problems are way off in the future for another day.

Then suddenly you feel something not quite right at your lower back.

Maybe you even begin to kid yourself that it’s nothing. That it will go away on its own.

Or you just pass it off as having just slept awkwardly, or something simple like that.

But there’s no obvious reason why you’re suffering. No clue. No real explanation.

And it’s the sort of thing that, when it happens, leaves people suffering with back pain for much longer than should.

So with that in mind let’s look at some common reasons why back pain happens anyway, so that you can look out for them and know to act instantly to get your back looked at properly, if you think any of them has ever happened to you:

1.) It could just be a simple case that your lower back muscles have finally “packed up” after years of overuse.

2.) Maybe you suffered some back pain years ago, thought nothing of it at the time, but the REAL damage has been slow in building and has finally decided to surface now that your body isn’t quite as flexible or as strong as it once was.

3.) Perhaps you sit a lot? Maybe you sit at work or in your car, or maybe you’ve just picked up a bit of a bad habit that means you “slouch” when you’re watching TV, or maybe you sleep in a funny way, such as on your front?

4.) Maybe you’re the one person in the house that is left to do ALL the house work, who is always cleaning the floor and picking things up after the kids or grandkids, or you spend time in the garden attending to its needs and constantly stressing your back whilst doing it?

And if so, then the toll all this has taken over the years is perhaps finally beginning to surface in the form of the back pain and stiffness you’re now suffering.

…And so the list goes on.

But rarely does the reason for back pain, or the root cause of it, ever get more complex than anything you’ve just read above.

In fact, I often argue that back pain is inevitable and almost unavoidable.

That it’s actually the sign of an active and “on-the-go” lifestyle where you’ve put to good use everything that you’ve been given.

It’s just a shame that when you hit 40, definitely 50, and most certainly 60, the really strong back that you once had when you were younger, isn’t so much any more.

But it’s often nothing that can’t be helped if you get it looked at quickly.

Be sure to read next weeks column for “top tips” to find relief from back pain caused by any of these I’ve just mentioned.

Or, if you cant wait that long, please call my clinic on (01429) 866771 and ask for a copy of my new “tips” report to be sent to your home with my compliments.

It shows nine different ways to find relief from back pain without taking painkillers or bothering the GP.