FEELING GREAT: Focus on the good in your life, not the bad

I’m going to talk to you about focusing on more good in your life than bad. 

But it comes with a story some would dread having to go through.

Feel free to stop reading.

Its 5.25am Texas time. As I write, jet lagged, and still on UK time, I’m enjoying stone baked oatmeal and an extra hot latte served in the breakfast hall of an airport hotel in Dallas, USA, having made another trip across the Atlantic to talk at one more health and fitness seminar.

As well as speak, I’m hanging around in the audience to listen and learn from what other great speakers from all over the world have to say about the current state of my industry.

Anyhoo, here’s the lesson I want you to take from this week’s column:

The flight across wasn’t great.

One of those where you just need to shut your eyes, think of something good and wait until the wheels bump the ground softly. But it wasn’t all bad. Only the last 20 minutes or so as we came into land. But from then on, the wind took over. And at certain times it was as if you knew the planes engines weren’t in control anymore and the wind was.

We really were “flying”.

And when the captain gives you that pre warning nod over the tannoy to buckle up, you know it’s going to be bad. And it was. But we landed. Safe. And yet it was always one of those experiences where you secretly knew it was going be ok, you just feared what you might lose if it wasn’t. Two different things.

And here’s what I noticed: that the preceding 8 hours was smooth flying was true. Yet the conversation through customs and baggage reclaim was all about the “bad” landing.

Even though we had all “made it”, just about everyone focused on the small, negative part of the journey. And so that got me thinking. I did some math’s and calculated that 96 per cent of the flight was fine. Enjoyable. Easy. Nice. Couple of beers and a book in hand kind of ride.

Yet it was the 4 per cent of the flight that wasn’t ideal, that everyone around me focused in on. 

Moral of the story? And this weeks “tip,”

Don’t neglect the majority good you’ve likely got going on.

The clocks are forward, nights are lighter and an abundance of fresh air is waiting for you after work to go and grab.

And for most of us, most of the time, our health is certainly good enough to put to good use at places like Ward Jackson, Rossmere Park, Summerhill, the Headland and Seatonfront.

They’re all waiting for you to do, see, take a look, run round and even take a bike ride to and from. Now’s the time to make the most of each of them whilst you’ve got it good.

PS I did plan to write this week about how to avoid ending up being like this physio I know who fell off his bike and broke his arm. The irony eh? Maybe next week.

More when you look here. www.paulgoughphysio.com/health-tips