FEELING GREAT: How much flexibility do you lose?

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Flexibility. Your ability to stretch.

The ease with which you can freely move about. The freedom you have to do the things you wish. Without it, life can be a bit more difficult than you’d prefer.

And if you are aged 35-55 your probably already beginning to lose it on a daily basis.

Flexibility is the ease with which your muscles and joints can move around.

And as you begin to notice difficulty with the simplest of things such as putting socks and shoes on, getting in and out of the car and even doing some simple house hold chores, only then do you begin to realise how important it is.

And those next day aches and pains after an active day, they’re caused by a lack of flexibility too.

So, if it’s affecting your life in any of these ways, pays to know a little bit about it.

Problem is, not many people are aware that there are many ways that you can reduce the impact of what is a very natural process.

It’s just not a nice one. And one that can often leave you feeling achy and tired way beyond your years.

So, how on earth can you reduce the impact of muscles and joints that are getting stiffer and tighter, by the day?

First thing is simple. Don’t stop.

The temptation is that because your feeling tighter and stiffer, you should stop.

More often that not, it’s the worst thing you can do and definitely isn’t likely to be the best.

So you need to keep active. Swimming, bike riding and walking are all a fabulous way of preventing flexibility problems. And here’s the real way to get the added benefit.

When you finish doing either of these, before you drop back on the couch, stretch.

At this point after a nice run, walk or ride around town, your body is in the best state it can possibly be to be stretched, because it is so warm.

It’s so much easier and safer to stretch when you are warm, than at any other time.

My own routine is often to stretch half way and then again at the end of my bike ride.

I’ll find a nice place to pull over, somewhere like on the moor at the Headland or along the sea front and stretch all of my shoulder, back and leg muscles for about 15-20 minutes. Feels great.

And another tip for you, find a yoga class ASAP.

Jacky Savage is a great instructor based in Park Road that I could recommend.

Yoga is without doubt the best habit I could ever wish for you to adopt. Take it up, do it regularly, and you will feel fab!