FEELING GREAT: Losing weight is all down to the maths

Getting fat. It’s effected by 80 per cent what you eat, 20 per cent how active you are.

And if looking slim and trim is your goal, they are just one of a few facts that you need to know.

Another is that the average calorie daily in take that your allowed to consume before you will get fatter, is approximately 2,500 if you’re a male, 2,000 if you are a woman.

Go over that limit for a few too many days on the trot and you will get fat. Simple.

And if you don’t want to get fat, you’re also going to need two more things.

One is discipline and the other an understanding that whetever diet you choose and remember that you are choosing your own diet with every decision over what you choose to consume, it must be sustainable.

Summer is the capital of the weight loss world. Every one wants to be slim for summer.

And if you are just getting back from your summer hols, chances are you’re already in the middle of one or about to start one. Maybe even on one before you left?

And if you are, the last thing, the “sustainability”, or the “am I able to keep up with this diet for a long time?” is the one and only thing that you should be ramming down your neck.

I have two girls in my own office, regularly in and out of weight loss clubs. If you ask me, they look fabulously healthy as it is, but I guess it’s each to their own. And the one thing I throw at them all of the time, even when they come in pleased as punch about how many pounds they’ve lost this week at weight loss club, is “can you sustain whatever it is that is causing the weight to drop off?”

If the answer is no, then I tell them to forget it.

For how many times have you been on a diet, sacrificed loads of situations where you might have been able to enjoy a nice meal, all for the pleasure rush of loosing a few pounds to look better? But then suffered the disappointment of the flab coming back just a few weeks after going back to your old habits?

If your not careful, weight loss can be a bit of fallacy.

And a life long one at that.

And I guarantee the satisfaction of loosing a few pounds once in a while, will never last as long as the disappointment you feel when you put them back on. So be careful not to let it become an impossible dream that you’re forever chasing.

If you’re faced with loosing some pounds to protect your health on the advice of a GP, follow it like your life depends upon it. And do it with a simple diet that is sustainable. That means working out what calories are in what foods and then doing some basic maths – every day. If you hit your limit, you’re done for the day. And if you hit the limit, but really can’t resist, then you need to be disciplined enough to go for a nice long walk or swim.

Think of it like this. Once every other week you get to put your bins out. If the contents of the bin overflows, you’re unlikely to stand there and continue ramming more rubbish into it. That would be crazy. Because by now you know that the bin men won’t take it. The excess will get left on your drive.

Well it’s the exact same thing happening with your stomach, bum and chin.

Go over your calorie intake and your body, like the bin men, can’t remove it. But this time the rubbish is not getting stored on your drive, much worse than that it’s getting stored as flab, clogging up your arteries, adding pressure to your joints and leading to health problems that will arrive sooner than you hope.

When it comes to weight loss, for most of us, best to just apply some basic maths.