FEELING GREAT: Mistakes that cause mothers back pain

Samantha Dakers
Samantha Dakers

This week’s column continues to be guest written by Leading physio and postnatal expert Samantha Dakers.

So last week’s column was all about hip and back pain caused by pregnancy. And here’s what’s interesting about this topic: There’s a very good chance (60 per cent) that you or someone you know made one of these next mistakes at the time they were pregnant or just after.

And that’s likely to be the reason they’re now, even in their 40s and 50s, suffering with what we call in our physio clinic “daily annoying and nagging, back pain”.

Worse yet, partly because of what people close to them at the time tell them, they think that it’s “normal”.

It really isn’t. This type of daily annoying and nagging back pain is a warning sign and a good indicator that one of these five things happened after you gave birth:

1, You were told “it’s just sciatica” and then still thought that’s normal as if it’s okay (when it most definitely isn’t).

2, Accepted that it’s “just hormones” as if that’s a good reason why the pain is STILL there, weeks and months, even years after the birth.

3, You wore a “belt” or back support without any intention of correcting or strengthening muscles by doing proper exercise (these don’t include pelvic floor ones either).

4, You continued to work only on exercising “pelvic floor muscles” and forgot to include the most important of all - core stability muscles in your exercise plans.

5, You weren’t offered or given “hands-on” physical treatment that involves manual realignment and specialist postnatal massage.

Now maybe you’re thinking that it’s too late and that nothing can be done to help you out?

That’s unlikely to be true. It’s often the case that most people suffer simply because joints, in the back and hip area, get set or stuck in the wrong position.

You know, after the birth and the hormones have made the pelvic area “lax”, these joints just don’t always drop back into the correct place.

So what can and should be done and despite what some midwifes say, it can almost immediately, is a technique called “manual re-alignment”.

It’s an expert technique of gentle massage, rocking and manipulation that puts the pelvis back into the correct position. Gets joints working properly again too.

And once that’s been done, it’s so much easier to work on the exercises you need to make your body stronger.

And the ones that you need to make your back stronger are called core control exercises, the kind you would do in a good Pilates class.

In a nut shell, that’s how simple it is to get over postnatal back pain. If you’re still suffering 10-15 years later, then you’re not alone. As many as 60 per cent of ladies still do because they didn’t get given the chance to go and get treatment like the plan you’ve just read.

My tip: if you or anyone you know is still in pain following a pregnancy, ask your trusted expert about manual realignment and core control exercises to make you better.

If they don’t know, or can’t give you confident answers, I’d be happy to help out Sammy@paulgoughphysio.com is my direct email or look here www.paulgoughphysio.com/postnatal-back-pain for free advice and tips.