FEELING GREAT: Put an end to being an exhausted mum

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Tired and exhausted office workers are nothing new.

And just as common are over keen runners and cyclists who experience a burn out in their training.

But what if there was a way for both of these very different groups of people to monitor exactly when and how much energy they’re both burning and using, irrespective of the time of day or role they’re playing?

At certain times of your day, possibly when you you’re least expecting, you’re likely to be using up energy without your evening being aware that’s it’s happening.

And certainly not accounting for it in your energy with-drawl account when it comes to really trying to figure out why you’re feeling so tired and exhausted lately.

If you had easier, more rapid and accurate access to information about exactly when and were your energy is being lost, you could even begin to plan your daily routine and what you’re going to eat and when, the night before, to help you fend fend off bouts of tiredness and fatigue.

It may even help you resist the old fashioned way of dealing with this type of problem, by ‘popping the kettle on’.

And what if you could know exactly how many calories you’d burned during your day climbing all those flights of stairs at work, or when your out for your run or a walk with friends, or even as you sit and use the energy it takes to hold this paper in your hands?

All of that type of information is available to you with something called a fuel band.

And they are very practical and very simple to use. It’s a band that is effectively your very own SAT NAV to better health and a life with more energy.

Simply wearing one around your wrist for a few days, will produce a map of exactly when your burning energy, so you know just when to fuel up, and how many calories your burning each day, to help you bulk up or trim down as approapriate.

If you’re in the middle of a weight loss program that’s heavy on exercises, you’d know within seconds how effective the path your currently pounding is towards achieving your goal.

And if you’re a ‘stressed-out, tired and exhausted soccer mum’ wondering where all your energy is going, this will help you monitor it much more closely and will likely reveal even the exact time of the day, you’re starting to loose it.

And if you knew that, you’d be able to fend it off.

It could be something as simple of a few bits of dried fruit and a few glasses of water, 20 minutes or so before your energy is about to be zapped.

As with any of these modern widgets and gadgets, they’ll only work if you use them correctly.

And as with anything to do with achieving better health, or even winning your old health back, you’re going to need to be disciplined and stick to a routine to get the best out of it.

But if you do, the health rewards will be waiting for you as sure as the helpful information from this new widget will be staring at you point blank in the face from a computer screen in your office.