FEELING GREAT: Put the whole ‘it’s an age thing’ into past

Nobody wants this.

Very few ever understand it. And not many ever even face up to it.

And there’s even a strange case of men and women who think that’s it normal.

That is just because they are aged 40+, it’s an “age thing” and they’ll have to accept it.

We might be nearly a week or so since we left Halloween behind, but one or two health monsters continue to lurk inside the bodies of men and women aged 40-60.

Ones that really like to come out to play in the winter months ahead.

And they’re known as stiffness and tension.

Both run wild in your body as a lack of movement, leaving you unable to stretch and even to bend or move at will.

The tension lurks when you’re in bed and reading at night in your neck and shoulders, the stiffness is in your knees when you try to rise from the couch, and even in your back some mornings when you’re trying, often, failing, to put your own socks and shoes on.

But the real strange thing is that some people will accept that fate as if it’s the norm.

Some will even put up with it for 30 or 40 years.

Sure, the battle with the stiffness monsteris a battle you can’t win. And once you hit 40, this thing will never stop. But it wants YOU to.

You can keep it at bay. You can ward it off and even stop it dictating what you can and can’t do.

Rarely is the answer wrapped up inside weeks and weeks of rest or inactivity in attempt to hope that it just goes away.

No, to win the stiffness battle you’re going to need to keep active.

And it’s a pivotal time of year to take note.

Winter is when the stiffness monsters really come out to haunt innocent knee, neck and back joints.

And I should know. My physio clinic will see a 20-30 per cent rise in stiffness victims over the next few months, struggling to do the simple things like lean forward to pick up a TV remote or get down and play with grandchildren because they know they’re not going to be able to get back up.

Men and women aged 40+ who’ve fallen into the trap of more time spent on the couch and less time in the swimming pool or walking round the park, stretching in a yoga studio or working on muscle tone in a pilates class.

And that’s exactly where you need to be for these next few months.

Keeping active is the only way to fend off the unwanted effects of joint stiffness and muscle tension.

Take action to keep active and you can ignore the gossip that says it’s your age and that you’ll just have to accept it.

When it comes fending off joint stiffness, there definitely is a better way than that.