FEELING GREAT: Rediscovering your pre-pregnancy health

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It’s sad but true.

There are potentially hundreds, if not more, of new mums in Hartlepool struggling to re-discover their pre-pregnancy health, energy and strength.

Some ladies are able to sail through pregnancy with nothing more than a few bouts of morning sickness and some uncomfortable nights’ sleep.

But what about the ones left to suffer the consequences of PGP, SPD and lower back pain?

Last week I touched upon the consequences of weaknesses created in childhood and how that can lead to life long back trouble. And never more true in the case of ladies suffering from lower back, hip and groin pain that happen when pregnant, or struggling with the issues of a lack of energy or strength and not even being safely able to pick up their own new baby.

If you’re a recently new mum, but are still unable to get out of a car without the fear of groin or pelvic pain every time you do so, or you find yourself needing to use a pram to support your lower back when out walking for any length of time, or worse yet, you’re still in pain each time you lean into a cot or car seat to pick up your own baby, then there’s a good chance that your still suffering with consequences of a less than perfect pregnancy.

And here’s the worrying bit. 60 per cent of ladies who suffer in a pregnancy from lower back, hip or groin pain still are 15 years later.

So you really need to act fast if anything like this is happening to you or anyone youknow.

And there are things that you can do to win back your pre-pregnancy health.

And here’s one more thing that I find is a common problem for new mums.

The tendency to think that only working on those pelvic floor muscles will reduce back pain.

That’s not going to happen.

Pelvic floor muscles are great for reducing bladder problems after pregnancy, but do very little to support your lower back or help reduce the problems described above.

One of the very first things you must be doing is working on core stability muscles with an exercise regime that is designed for you and your problem.

Add in things like massage, stretching, yoga, pilates, swimming, a tailor made exercise routine to boost energy, and within a few weeks you’ll be very close to winning back the pre-baby health you once had, but currently think you’ve lost.

There’s much more help hints and tips when you go to www.paulgoughphysio.com/postnatal-better-health.