FEELING GREAT: Six different ways of relieving back pain

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So, last week I wrote to you about all of the many different ways that back pain can happen…

And this week, I’d like to show you some “different” ways of finding relief from it.

I say different, because they are ways that don’t include the standard painkillers and rest option that seems to be advised a lot these days – perhaps a little more than it should be at times!

Anyhow, if you are suffering with back pain and want to find relief from it, then all of these methods are proven to help:

1. Avoid sitting cross legged - your spine isn’t designed to twist or turn. And sitting in a cross-legged position is contributing to back pain because of that little known fact.

2. Sleep with a pillow between your knees - might be difficult at first, but if you can persist, it lowers the amount of rotation/ twisting happening at your spine.

If you sleep on your side, try a pillow between your legs to keep your spine in a nice position and this will reduce tension at your lower back - meaning that you’re more likely to wake up on a morning in less pain and able to move more freely.

3. Avoid sleeping on your stomach - There isn’t a faster way to self-inflicted damage to your spine/lower back than by sleeping on your stomach. Avoid this position at all costs.

4. Change your mattress every five years - I get asked “should I change my mattress” just about every day. But, it’s almost impossible to answer, as everyone has a different response to changing a mattress or the type they sleep on.

But, what I can say is this: if you haven’t changed your mattress in the last five years, then it’s about time that you did as you’re unlikely to be getting the support for your lower back that you really would benefit from.

5. Stay hydrated - this is a BIG office worker mistake that could be zapping your energy and increasing lower backache.

One really simple way to avoid this is to cut out the stuff that makes you dehydrated in the first place.

Things like excessive coffee, tea, alcohol and energy drinks - you will be dehydrated if you drink too much of them and more likely to suffer from back pain.

6. Daily lower back exercise rituals – yoga and pilates.

If you can get into the routine or good habit of doing simple stretches and strengthening of your lower back muscles, you will benefit right through your 50s, 60s and beyond.

In the same way that you brush your teeth twice per day to keep them clean and avoid pain, you need to look at working on your back in a similar way.

Now, what I can’t ever promise you is that any or all of those things will work for you.

I just know that if you and I got chatting and you asked me for some tips on ways which I know are capable of making a significant difference to bringing relief from back pain, I’d suggest all of those that you’ve just read.

And if you want to know more, then please call my clinic to claim a free copy of the report which I’ve just published which shows people aged 45+ how to find relief from back pain without taking painkillers or bothering the GP.

The number to call and ask for your free copy is 01429 866771 – my office staff will cheerfully send you a copy with my compliments, to your home.