FEELING GREAT: Something new not easy for the over 40s

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Trying something new.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Particularly if you’re aged 40 or above.

It’s proven by science that when you reach the age of 40, the likelihood that you’ll want to deviate from everything that you already know best, is hugely reduced.

Something to do with the curiosity chemicals that rage when you’re in your 20s and early 30s, being in shorter supply when you tip into your fifth decade.

It’s why many people return to the same holiday destination year on year, eat in the same restaurant each week and even stick to the same old fitness routines week after week.

The thought of something new can make you feel uneasy and at the same time make that couch and TV show, that chefs special in your favourite restaurant, that beach you went to last year or even that job you have to get up for, seem more appealing than the pleasure each actually brings.

Something as simple as taking part in the Santa Park run in Ward Jackson Park on Sunday gone is a great example of doing something new.

It’s a new set of circumstances, a new time to train, a new set of people to converse with and a new feeling for the rest of the day. Yet the problem for most is that they’re not even aware or ever told of the curiosity blindfold that they’re carrying around on their heads every day.

Even as you read this article three days post race, I’ll wager that there will be dozens of people who took part in the race that are still feeling the positive benefits of ‘giving it a go’, trying something new and even just getting a taste for the real benefits of a simple fun run.

Those people have now done the hard part and broken down the biggest initial obstacle to most by just saying maybe and sampling it.

The next step is to find somewhere or something that lets the feel good chemicals produced by exercise flow more regularly.

One option would be to get in on the organised Park Runs that are popping up all across the North-East on a Saturday morning. As yet, to my knowledge, Hartlepool hasn’t got a regular one fixed.

But that’s great.

Because it allows you to head to places like Durham, Sedgefield, Middleborough and Redcar to explore a new 5k route each week.

These Park Runs (Google it) are perfect if you’re a keen runner, or wanting to pick it back up, and perhaps fed up with doing the same old route, week after week.

Each is an organised event, starting at the same time every week and are packed full with people who turn up to just “give it a go” and who are happy to try something new.

Most people are capable of fixing their problems. The real trouble and big obstacle is often in finding the problem in the first place. If you’re aged 40 and above and constantly find yourself resisting new things, it might be time to loosen the curiosity blind and replace “no” with a simple “maybe”.