FEELING GREAT: The real secret to better health

Can you resist temptation?
Can you resist temptation?

I’VE got a BIG secret to share with you today…

So, these last few days I’ve been away from the clinic at a large health care summit in the USA – which is basically a meeting of some of the world’s leading health care professionals. We meet every three months.

And every time we do, we get to discuss something BIG that is going on in society that is NEGATIVELY affecting the health of the people in it. And this time round, we spoke about something called instant gratification.

Which, is basically, where people put off their long-term goals in exchange for INSTANT pleasure. And we concluded that this is currently the biggest illness that people in society are suffering from.

After all, how can any person protect their knee or lower back joints if they’re a few stone over weight and always unable to resist that extra chocolate bar or pizza, despite knowing, and really believing, that long term better health is something that they really crave?

Other examples of instant gratification – painkillers.

Everyone knows that they’re not good for us in the long term, but how many people turn to them to cure something like back pain or knee pain, even migraines?

Secretly they know they would be better off investing time (and money) into something like a pilates class, yoga, or going to see a great physio!

And here’s the real problem with instant gratification: We all know that exercising regularly and eating more vegetables will help us be healthier (even if we don’t live to be 100).

But, because it’s very hard to hold to a vivid image of our future health in our minds eye, we can’t keep from reaching for the chocolate bars while Coronation Street is on, the doughnuts after a coffee, or even asking for the quick fix painkiller option from the ‘doc!

Now, go grab a pen…because I’m about to share with you the REAL secret to better health…

…Which is this:

Our ability to make smart choices and overcome our own self-destructive behaviors.”

Over the next few decades don’t be surprised to see if real improvements in life expectancy (and quality of life) are less driven by medical advances and more by improved decision-making.

An example of good decision-making – for an over weight movie or TV lover, the key might be to enjoy watching a film while walking on the treadmill.

Sound simple? It really is!

And as with most things health related, the simplest answers are usually the best! Something to think about as we head into the winter and our health habits begin to change – and rarely for the better.

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