GARDENING: 12 jobs you could tackle this weekend

Plant out violas and pansies now.
Plant out violas and pansies now.

With the summer apparently over, there are plenty of jobs you could do in the garden this weekend - weather permitting.

• Vegetables to sow now include spring cabbages, Japanese onions, turnips for green tops, winter lettuces, spinach, endive, corn salad, land cress and baby salad leaves.

• If you sowed any spring-flowering biennials such as Viola, Digitalis (foxglove) or Erysimum (wallflowers), earlier in the summer, they will now need planting out – nip out the tips to encourage bushy plants.

• Deadhead annuals to keep them going until mid-autumn.

• Buy spring-flowering bedding plants and buy or order spring-flowering bulbs.

• Inspect chrysanthemums for signs of white rust.

• Order mature or large plants now for planting next month or once the rains have moistened the soil.

• Plant up containers with Hippeastrum (amaryllis) bulbs and prepared hyacinths for a Christmas display.

• Now is an ideal time to apply biological controls for use on vine weevil grubs. Target fuchsias, succulents and containerised plants.

• Finish summer pruning trained forms of apple and pear trees. Harvest apples, pears, plums and gages.

• Pot up herbs, such as tarragon, to use in winter.

• Prune out fruited blackberry/tayberry/loganberry stems and tie in new shoots to supports.

• Plant out garlic, or start cloves in pots to transplant later.

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