Gus’s legacy will live on

Gus Robinson
Gus Robinson
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IN this job, I am fortunate enough to meet many great people and it never fails to impress and humble me that Hartlepool is full of fantastic individuals.

The town lost one of its greats last week with the very sad death of Gus Robinson.

I had been lucky enough to get to know Gus quite well over recent years and, like everyone else, I was deeply shocked and saddened by the news of his passing.

I’d be amazed if there was anyone in the town who did not recognise the name of Gus Robinson. The whole community knew Gus as a successful businessman, a boxing promoter and, for those who had met him, a kind and generous man and a true gentleman.

Whenever I was with Gus, he always spoke passionately about Hartlepool.

He sincerely cared about the people f the town and especially the young people. He was immensely proud of his family and his business and, having had a few tours of his business, it was difficult to distinguish between the two.

Gus was unrelenting in his loyalty and support of his staff and employees and he spoke of them all as if they were part of his extended family.

My deepest condolences go to all of Gus’s employees and especially his friends and family at this terribly difficult time.

No matter what I say about Gus and his life, I know I cannot do him the full justice he deserves.

I know he has touched the lives on many hundreds of people in Hartlepool in many hundreds of different ways.

He was liked and admired by everyone who knew him. A big hole has appeared in the very fabric of Hartlepool with his death but his name, his memory and his legacy will certainly live on for many years to come. Rest in Peace Gus.