It’s a bug’s life

TAKE your mind back to last Christmas and you may have been affected or you will know someone that was ill thanks to the norovirus and this week there seems to be an abundance of bugs with half my son’s class at school being off.

The problem is once your child gets it, you can almost guarantee that it will go through the entire family.

I know people are upset that it’s now spring and we are getting bad weather and I only hope the upside of this is that the cold weather stops the bugs spreading.

This new bug that gives you a bad stomach decided to attach itself to me first for a change then went on to my wife.

I expect the weekend to be non-stop nursing our three children with it.

I know why I got it first though as last week I visited three schools which resulted in me coming into contact with hundreds of children.

I am surprised more teachers are not off sick, they must be immune to everything?

I, like others, are quick to blame the kids but with what I witnessed recently I firmly think adults have to wise up to a bug’s life and how easy it is spread.

I cannot go into detail too much about who and where but last week I spent time with a friend.

We are good mates as our children go to school together.

After a treat of a pint of lager in the afternoon we both went to the toilets.

Regardless of what happened in there, as it’s not something I wish to do a column on, let’s just say he did not wash his hands.

I was in total shock.

We left and went to his car and then travelled to his house.

I found myself unintentionally touching surfaces he had and made an excuse to go wash my hands but the problem was unless I touched nothing in the house I would come into contact with something so I just sat on the couch.

My friend being a kind man came out minutes later with a sandwich and a coffee.

We were joined by his wife who had just come in from the school run.

The kids, after getting a kiss and a hug off their dad, jumped on me.

In an impossible situation I just ate my sandwich and enjoyed my coffee and a few hours later went home.

Days later I had a bad stomach apparently catching a bug that was “doing the rounds”.

I learned it was doing the rounds from my friend I had just spent time with. He had recently had it a few days ago.

In a bug’s life they do the rounds. But if we were all a little more hygienic, especially around hand washing, maybe the bugs’ body count won’t be so high next time.