Large majority of readers think people spend far too much at Christmas

People will spend almost two weeks’ salary over Christmas on average, according to a survey by Nationwide Building Society.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 6:12 pm
Updated Friday, 6th December 2019, 1:53 pm
Spend! Spend! Spend! But our poll says we spend too much over Christmas.

In the UK an average of £727 will be spent on presents, preparations and celebrations with work colleagues. One in 12 people plan to spend more than £800 on Christmas gifts for their families. On average, people are expected to splurge £363 on gifts for relatives.

So in our Facebook poll we asked: “Do you think people spend too much over the festive period?” At the time of writing 82% of people voting had said yes and just 18% no.

Mick Palmer said: “Two months for some, two days for others. Each to their own.”

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Peter Hegney said: “What a daft question? Of course people spend too much on Christmas. Maybe the question should be do we rely too much on credit to pay for Christmas?

Kev Smith thinks: “On food probably. I’d love to know how much food gets wasted over Christmas.”

Richard Abbott-Brailey said: “If they have earned the money and don’t fall into massive debt, it’s up to the individual how they spend their money. Might want to donate some to those less fortunate though.”

Tracey Connolly’s thoughts were: “Not bothered what people want to spend their money on. It’s their choice.”

Tonie Klingström said: “People spend money on Christmas and then don’t have money in the middle of January, with a long time until payday.”