Mail readers back new cannabis laws in Facebook poll

The law should be changed to make it easier to buy and sell cannabis in the UK, Hartlepool Mail readers say.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 11:26 am
A large majority of our readers want a change on the UK's cannabis laws.
A large majority of our readers want a change on the UK's cannabis laws.

November 1 sees the first anniversary of a change in the law for the use of medicinal cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis products were moved from schedule 1, meaning they have no medicinal value, to schedule 2, which allows doctors to prescribe them under certain circumstances.

We asked in a Facebook poll: “Do you think the laws around cannabis should be reconsidered?”

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Of the 250 people who had voted at time of writing, 68% said yes, 32% said no.

Chris Mini Haswell said: “Should be completely legalised for all purposes including food, fuel, fibres, batteries, car bodywork, pharmaceuticals. The possibilities are endless. We'll be left behind if we don't have complete legalisation and it's very very fast growing.”

Zara Mckenna said: “It would help people with cancer and medical health.”

Steve Brennan said: “All drugs should be legalised.”

Michael Jones said: “The war on drugs has failed miserably. As such the laws regarding all drugs should be reconsidered. I say this as if you legalise and control the quality and cost you will amongst other things primarily make it safer for the users.”

Marie Duncan said: “If it helps pain I’m all for it. Can’t stand the pain I’m in. Had morphine but they are weening me off it.”

Maria Wilkinson said: “I take 43 pills a day. Imagine how much those prescriptions cost the NHS. Now imagine if I was prescribed cannabis and it works, how much my prescription costs could be reduced.”