Majority of Mail readers say every police officer should carry a Taser

A majority of Mail readers think police officers should carry Tasers as a ‘must-have’ requirement to protect themselves against violent crime.

Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Majority of readers say every police officer should be required to have a taser

A multi-million pound Government fund has been made available to supply police forces in England and Wales with Taser stun guns.

We asked in our daily Facebook poll: “Do you think every officer should be allowed to carry a Taser?”

More than 300 voters took part in the online poll and a majority of 89% said ‘yes’ in response to the question, agreeing that every officer should be allowed to carry a taser.

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This is what readers had to say:

Bryan Littler said: “If the officers want them, train them and let them have them.”

Jim Gillespie said: “Violent crimes are on the rise all over the country with knife, gun and acid attacks becoming the norm.

“Therefore, a Taser is the very least each police officer should have.”

Angela Holroyd said: “As long as it’s a last resort and they are trained then yes.

“They should have something to defend themselves with.”

Aaron Oliphant said: “Everyone has an inherent right to self defence using appropriate and adequate force. Taser them up.”

Andy Capp said: “It’s only one step away from a gun and you only have to look at the misuse in America with them, that makes me think they are a bad idea.”

David Douglas said: “On the assumption that the Taser rollout is in addition to an increase in police numbers, I say yes.”