Majority of Mail readers support a call for a new General Election

The majority of readers who voted in our poll answered in favour of supporting a new General Election and this is why.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 12:49 pm
Boris Johnson. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

The poll results came after Boris Johnson's snap general election plan had been roundly rejected, after his attempt to keep a no-deal Brexit suffered a major blow.

The Prime Minister wants to hold the election on Tuesday, October 15, but failed on Wednesday, September 4 to get the Commons majority required.

In a Facebook poll, we asked you: “Would you like to see a new General Election called?”

Over 700 readers took part in the online poll, with almost 450 answering yes.

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Many of you got in touch in the Facebook comments to share your views on this matter.

David Martindale commented: “Yes, but after the bill to scrap No Deal passes this week. If we're leaving we need a say in how we leave.”

Bryan Littler said: “If only to put an end to this constant remain frustration.”

Keith Mitchell replied: “Only when the bill is confirmed.”

Not everyone is all for a new general election with under 300 people voting no.

Susan Hammond said: “I already voted and that vote should be honoured.”

Ann Marshall argued that she “wouldn't have a clue who to vote for.”

Silas T Hobbit commented: “Can we have a ‘couldn't care less if I tried’ option?”

Gina Costin said: “It is just wasting time.”

These results to our poll were reported at 8.45pm on Thursday, September 5.