Mayor named in world top 10

HARTLEPOOL Mayor Stuart Drummond has been named the 10th best mayor in the world.

The result comes after the announcement of the winners of the World Mayor 2010 competition.

More than 800 mayors from across the globe were nominated online before being whittled down to a final shortlist of just 25 by a panel of judges.

In the final 10, Mayor Drummond was up against the mayor of cities such as Brisbane, Oklahoma City and the eventual winner, Mexico City’s Marcelo Ebrand.

After finding out his final placing, Mayor Drummond told the Mail: “It’s nice to be recognised and, more importantly, it gets a bit of positive publicity for Hartlepool.

“Obviously it’s not the type of thing you go out looking for, but it puts the town on the map and it’s good news.

“When you look at the names of the cities on the final shortlist and the sizes of those cities, it’s great to see Hartlepool alongside them.

“To be on the same list as cities such as Mexico City is obviously fantastic.”

More than 170,000 votes were made throughout the world for the 10 mayors on the shortlist, with Mr Drummond being the only representative from the UK being named in the final 25.

The final shortlist was decided by judges who looked at the number of votes for each mayor and the comments in their favour.

Dozens of comments on the World Mayor site praised the work of Mayor Drummond after the announcement.

One posted by a user named Sam, said: “Stuart has been a real mayor of the people.

“He understands local issues and is very proactive in bringing the people of the town together to help each other.”

Another comment from a user named RichardL said: “This man has no political axe to grind, he just wants what is best for the town’s people.

“He is now in his third elected term which speaks volumes.”