Sandra’s family tree search with a difference

SANDRA Jackson is on a quest for information.

Her search is to find a family tree, but not her own.

She wants know more about the previous family to own her home.

In 1988, Sandra, 64, moved to Stanhope Avenue, in Hartlepool, and so began her fascination with the history of her house.

Its previous occupant was Major Robert Martin, the Mayor of Hartlepool in 1911 and 1912, who has a place in Hartlepool’s history.

He also gave to the town a Mayor’s Silver Wand of Office in the form of a crown with enamelled Hartlepool crest.

“I have got the Census from 1911,” said Sandra.

“He lived here with his wife and three children. He was a printer. I want to know more about him.”

Major Martin had a big impact on the town.

He laid the foundation stone at Jesmond Road School, was elected Mayor in 1911 and re-elected in 1912.

He was an active member of the Board of Guardians which administered the Poor Law in the United Kingdom – the system of helping destitute people.

He was a Justice of the Peace and a prime mover in the foundation of West Hartlepool Rugby Club.

He saw “honourable service” as an Army Territorial and in 1914, he was the recruiting officer for the district.

Sandra added: “Although I am not related to him, in 1911 he was living in my house and I am so proud of that.

“I am really interested in finding out more about his children.

“His wife Eliza Jane was quite a bit younger than him.”

Sandra also knows that Major Martin owned Crown Printers, in Church Street, and had a son called Linden who was a shop clerk and a daughter called Florence Mildred who, in 1911, was 19 and a student teacher.

Can you help Sandra in her quest?

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