Shaw thing

MY mum has always been something of a health freak, and as much as I try to keep up with diet and exercise I have never really been able to do it like she does.

At the moment, she’s attending a spinning class every weekday and where the pressure and stress of such an activity puts me right off, she thrives in that sort of environment plus, there’s been a noticeable change in the amount of energy she has had since she started.

The biggest change has been in our evening meals. Our dinner plates very rarely hold anything white anymore, and when we came back from the supermarket with a bag of (pretty pricey) sweet potatoes I was instantly annoyed.

I’ve never really enjoyed them, mostly because they don’t taste like regular potatoes.

I don’t like change, especially not when it comes to my food, so I begrudgingly took a tiny spoonful of sweet potato mash with my meal the other day.

If I’m really honest, I quite enjoyed it, and even took an extra spoonful to eat my Yorkshire with.

Point being, despite the fact that I’m the least fussy eater of possibly my entire family – bar my dad – I wasn’t happy with the idea of changing something as basic as the kind of potato we eat.

Sweet potatoes have all of the nutrients and health benefits that regular white potatoes don’t have and such a minor change in the grand scale of things could have major health benefits.

Plus, they are actually quite tasty. I can’t help but wonder now, if maybe making other beneficial but small changes, like eating wholemeal bread and pasta.

Could excising all of the chocolate cookies or full fat pumpkin spice coffees I drink really make a difference in the long run? I’m thinking more and more that it might be time to make a big change, especially in light of the figures released last week declaring 20 to 65 year olds are 20 per cent more likely to have a stroke.

If you have anything to add, or any sweet potato recipes we should try, email me, Danielle Shaw, at