SHAW THING: A trip to the cinema

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MY dad and I are very similar people, and that’s probably why we butt heads as much as we do.

All teenagers have, at times, difficult relationships with their parents and no matter that I’m now 18 and considered an adult, my dad and I still disagree on a number of medium things, and one very big one - passive versus active media participation and involvement.

It sounds quite fancy when you put it like that, but what that pretentious looking statement boils down to, is that I can’t just watch something and leave.

When I like something, I love it, I obsess about it, I spend the next however many months talking about it to anybody who will listen.

The most recent example of this is the film Pacific Rim, which my dad and I saw last Saturday.

Half of my joy from seeing it - both on Saturday and again on the Wednesday - came from the conversations I had in between those viewings. Online I discussed the amount of diversity within the cast, and the importance of including a dominant, female, person of colour, in a primary role.

Outside of that, I attempted to convince everyone I met to go and watch it themselves.

The thing is, is that Pacific Rim looks like your typical apocalyptic sci-fi monster movie, until you actually sit down in the cinema and watch it.

I came out the first time feeling all of 10 years old again, wishing I could climb into a jaeger (the giant robots) and fight a kaiju (the giant monsters).

There’s something magical about a film that can entertain a 10 year old and his father, a group of teenage girls and a 60+ couple - all of whom were present at the showing on the Wednesday.

My dad and I might disagree about what to do when you walk out of the cinema after seeing a film, but neither of us can deny that we really enjoyed ourselves, regardless of the argument we had in the car about my inability to shut up about how amazing the movie was.

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