SHAW THING: Back to the studies

I SPENT my summer in the grand tradition of students around the world by doing very little for the whole duration of the holidays.

I went to work and then I came home, and that was about as concrete as my daily plans got.

I think every day was the same.

After so much time off, it’s been something of a shock to the system to go back to university full time.

There’s no time to sleep in when I have a train to catch now, and though I don’t have any horribly early classes this semester, I do have one very late one.

Last Thursday I was flat out in bed by 9pm and I slept for a solid 12 hours.

My body, it would seem, is just not used to doing so much hard work!

I’ve been exhausted every day this week, something I think is down to having to engage my brain in ways it hasn’t been engaged since May.

Constantly thinking critically and talking about work, even when we aren’t doing it, is killing me.

Last year wasn’t this bad, but having such a long summer has made a big difference.

I know it’s awful to complain that my holiday was too long when most people would swap their 9am-5pm in a moment, but I’m one of those people who would rather be doing something, and summer felt like a whole load of nothing!

All my friends are in the same boat, so I don’t feel quite so sorry for myself, and having Wednesday as my day off is going to be a blessing as the work, essay planning and novel reading we have to do outside of class starts piling up.

Overall though, I’m glad to be back!

It’s fun to be in a classroom with different people to debate with and talk to again.

My classes are interesting (so far anyway) and I’m feeling so optimistic that I don’t even mind getting a bad shoulder from all the note taking and the heavy bag I’m lugging to and from campus every day.

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