SHAW THING: Great day out in Whitby

On Thursday of last week my friend Tegan, and my family and I, took a trip to Whitby.

I love it there and have a thousand happy memories of visiting with my family, friends and especially with the Girl Guides.

It’s been three years since I last went to a Guide meeting, but I’ll never forget the trips we took to Guide camp, staying at the beautiful Egton House and spending a day in Whitby.

Whitby is everything I love about seaside towns, as well as being just unfamiliar enough that I can spend all day exploring it in a way I can’t do here in Seaton Carew, where I’ve spent over a decade.

Whitby even has a chip shop that serves fish and chips cooked in vegetable oil rather than the beef fat that is common here.

In fact, though Hartlepool as a whole has over a dozen fish and chip shops, none of them cook in vegetable oil, because they can’t call them “traditional” fish and and chips if they do.

It never gets old wandering up to the Abbey - although this time around I did manage to get myself injured on our trek, visiting the Dracula experience and even if it is a little bit too pricey for comfort, taking a boat trip.

That wasn’t great for sufferers of seasickness, but fun nonetheless, and, of course, going to the Lucky Duck shop!

We found out on Thursday that they no longer blow the ducks out in the shop front for customers to watch, which was a bit disappointing.

That used to be the highlight of my Whitby trip.

I perked up when we got my friend Tegan to try a battered Mars Bar, heart attack inducing, but wonderfully tasty.

We also stopped in Goathland and had a look around the areas where they film the much loved show, Heartbeat.

All in all it was a great day, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the summer on our coast.

If you have anything to add, or stories to tell about your own experiences in Whitby, feel free to email me, Danielle Shaw, at uk