SHAW THING: Hair’s a thing

Changes to your appearance can be as natural as growing out your hair and as shocking as having it cut a certain way or dyed a different colour.

I was a redhead for almost a year when I was 17 and I loved every second of it.

It was an expensive and lengthy experience to have it stripped back to my natural blonde, and I’m still dealing with the repercussions of the highlights I had done over a year ago.

I don’t regret it though; it was fun and the kind of big change that made me feel more settled in what I was doing.

I’ve gotten piercings too, though I don’t think those have such an effect on your overall appearance as hairstyle changes do.

Even my dad having a quick trip to the hairdressers can drastically change how he looks, never mind if my mum or friends do something different to their hair.

I have a history of having quite big changes done to my hair.

Almost as soon as I left secondary school I had my hair cut by about six inches into a bob.

A couple of months after that I had it cut the shortest it’s ever been in a pixie cut.

For a while I even flirted with having it shaved on one side, but instead I went red!

Since then all I’ve done is let it grow.

Before Thursday of last week, I’d only had my hair cut once since last July.

On Thursday I did something a little bit drastic again, having my full fringe cut back in after probably 5 years of having very short hair that was pulled back from my face.

It makes me look completely different and though it’s going to be a fight to train it to sit properly I was happy with my decision almost the second my hairdresser chopped the first few inches off!

I absolutely encourage everybody to take the plunge on that hairstyle they’ve always dreamed of having.

After all, hair is one of those things that will always grow back!

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