SHAW THING: Hartlepool Vision

HARTLEPOOL Council announced plans to regenerate the town last week, in a report entitled Hartlepool Vision.

It aims to begin regenerating parts of the town that are currently in disrepair.

The announcement laid out that “the unveiling of the Hartlepool Vision will mark the start of a discussion among Hartlepool residents, businesses and landowners, to ensure that the right decisions are made for the future of our town.”

And all of the plans referred are hoped to be accomplished within the next 20-25 years

Jacksons Landing is one of the areas earmarked in the plan. I remember spending a few weeks when I was 13 making plans for Jacksons Landing in my Geography class.

To be quite honest, it’s much more difficult to take these plans seriously than the ones my Geography class made six years ago, even counting the fact that my plan was to turn the building into a marine life centre.

Looking around the town at the moment you see Seaton Carew buried under roadworks in places where they aren’t particularly needed, the derelict Longscar Hall is an eyesore and a waste of a functioning building and the town centre is buckling under economical pressures.

Hartlepool Vision has specifically referenced Hartlepool town centre and outlying areas as places that need the most funding.

Those plans however, are very broad. Why do they insist, in the 10-minute long manifesto video entitled Hartlepool Vision, that Church Street needs to lose its night-time based economy in favour of a daytime one?

What is the alternative route when the planned Church Street pedestrianisation restricts access to Seaton Carew?

If they wish to make the Marina more tourist friendly, why not fund existing projects rather than creating new ones? And why is it going to take 25 years to create a functioning local economy?

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