SHAW THING: History is the future!

Derwent Dam at the 65th anniversary tribute to the Dambusters crew
Derwent Dam at the 65th anniversary tribute to the Dambusters crew
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I STUDIED history at both a GCSE and A Level, which gave me a solid understanding of American history.

That probably sounds a bit strange considering I did both of those in English schools.

Oddly enough the focus at both my secondary school and college has been on US history and politics.

I never really knew why the syllabus my schools chose were so focused on the US, I for one feel that the long and chequered history of England and the UK is much more interesting than the shorter, bloodier and often completely baffling past of America.

Their political system is so utterly convoluted that sometimes even my teacher gets confused!

Either way, history is both important and quite difficult to preserve.

Many of you will know that a few weeks ago was the 70th anniversary of Operation Chastise, more commonly known as the Dambusters. The operation was conducted prior to World War II in order to attack strategic German targets.

What many people don’t know about the operation though, is that the original plans were lost sometimes over the last 70 years and it was only recently that historians figured out how exactly the operation was executed.

It seems astounding that we could lose the plans for what was such a groundbreaking and record-breaking operation.

But then there is also no lasting document of the building of the pyramids or Stonehenge.

In fact there are any number of other historical landmarks and events that we as a society, have no idea how they were built or planned.

This brings into stark relief the need for true, unbiased historical documentation.

I believe that we should all be dedicated to telling future generations about our lives and our pasts, as one day we will become theirs.

I, for one, want my possible future children and grandchildren to know who Winston Churchill was!

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