SHAW THING: Losing our safety nets and starting the job hunt

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I HAVE finally finished all of my exams and left sixth form college for good!

I’ve been anticipating this moment for months and my friends are all very jealous that I have finished earlier than a lot of them did.

I expected to feel free – very free – and in a way it is nice to be able to get up knowing I don’t actually have to go anywhere.

I’m doing a couple of different things at the moment, mostly waiting anxiously for August when the exam results are announced, but looking into summer jobs and alternatives to university too, just in case.

I’m also absolutely terrified now that I have lost my safety net.

I now have to go out into the big wide world, with only a handful of papers, and experience, and prove my worth to employers.

I spent the Sunday before my 9am final exam panicking – not exactly actions conducive to actually passing said exam – about what would happen when it was over.

I joke that my skills revolve around reading quickly and deep analysis of television and movies, but that is an area that my focus has been on for a number of years.

The worry that I might come out of university with a degree and a can-do attitude, and find that there are no jobs in the field I wish to work, absolutely terrifies me.

My parents experienced this same kind of employment situation when they were my age, though my father was lucky to find a job that he likes, in a field he still works in to this day, and my mum was already working three jobs by the time she was 18.

I don’t want to just “settle” a job that I don’t love, that I don’t get out of bed every morning excited to go to, purely to take the money home at the end of the month.

I hope you will wish me, and my peers, luck in these newest endeavours!

You never know, come August once we all get out into that big wide world, some of us might be turning up to work alongside you in your office!

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