SHAW THING: Pack it in...

CONSIDERING the fact that I’ve been travelling on planes from being only a few weeks old, I never bothered to learn how to pack properly before my family’s holiday to Malta this past week.

Last year when I went to Finland my bag was stuffed to the gills with things I didn’t even end up needing once I got there, and missing things I could have used during my stay.

Plus, where I usually can borrow things from my mum when I forget them, being on my own meant I had to pop to the supermarket and buy the little bits and pieces I had forgotten.

This year we had our annual summer family trip booked by July, heading to Malta in August, and I spent the weeks before we left reading blog posts, articles and watching endless YouTube videos about how best to pack your suitcase.

I learned how to make a ‘skivvy roll’ and how to even out the bottom of your case so everything lies flat.

I absolutely swear by a little infograph that I found months ago and bookmarked for future reference.

It shows you how best to place rolled clothes on top of jeans and trousers, with outerwear on top of those so that you can wrap your trousers over the whole pile and keep them tightly held.

I can admit I spent even longer watching videos about what make up to pack for your holidays.

But then as a make up junkie I don’t really feel any remorse for the all those lost hours because I used every eyeshadow and lipstick that I took with me so I hadn’t wasted any time!

All that research definitely paid off in the end my suitcase was meticulously packed, under the luggage weight limit and not missing any of the things I seem to always forget.

I wore almost all of the clothes I packed, having halved what I planned to take and made a detailed plan for each days outfit.

To be honest with you, as an organisation junkie I probably had more fun packing than anything else!

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