SHAW THING: Peter who?

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DOCTOR Who is 50 years old this year, making it officially the longest running sci-fi show ever with an impressive history of actors featuring in over 30 thousand hours of action in 798 episodes.

The news is now officially out and I, much like almost every other Brit and millions of people across the globe, tuned in to see the announcement of the Twelfth Doctor.

Peter Capaldi, darling of the nation (or so people tell me) is set to play the key role and opinions, on the internet, are pretty decisively split.

I was one of many asking “Who an EARTH is that?” when he walked onstage, and though I recognised him, vaguely, from his appearance on Fires of Pompeii (with none other than Karen Gillian) during David Tennant’s tenure, I genuinely didn’t know who he was outside of that.

I’ve now been thoroughly educated on his role in “The Thick Of It”, and though many of the people who protested him, did so because he was older than the previous three Doctors (and they wanted someone hot), nobody was denying that he is a pretty fantastic actor.

I probably won’t catch much of his performances, considering I gave up on Doctor Who when Steven Moffat came on to write full time, just after David Tennant left, but I am happy for him and for his numerous fans.

Both Tennant and Matt Smith talked about how life-changing playing such a role was, so I’m always sort of secondarily ecstatic for the people who get to experience that.

Well, the actors who get to experience that anyway.

I think the best thing about Doctor Who though, is how easily it spans generations. My grandparents, my parents, my sister and myself, all of us have that first episode and first Doctor, that we will never forgot.

My first Doctor was played by Christopher Ecclestone and I’m endlessly glad that I got to experience that kind of love for a programme, a love I can share with my whole family.

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