SHAW THING: Something to chew over

I WAS never a particularly picky eater.

Growing up I would try anything, and though I did have my phases, tomato sauce sandwiches and no spicy foods at all to name just two, I loved chicken and salmon and any kind of pasta dish.

That changed quite drastically when I became a vegetarian, and though I do eat fish, it is still quite difficult to find something I can eat at a restaurant.

I still very much enjoy food, and though my diet isn’t fantastic, you do have to be better about getting protein and other nutrients from different foods when you aren’t eating meat.

The biggest problem came when I discovered that I am lactose intolerant, as many companies seem to think that the only way to make a vegetarian dish, is to add cheese, which was fine in the past, but my body now can’t process it at all.

I tend to stick with veggie burgers, but my mum who has an allergy to raising agents, can’t eat bread or biscuits or cake.

Now eating out is something of an ordeal, and usually ends with the both of us munching on salads.

Of course, we don’t expect everybody to cater purely for our needs, however though the hotel we visited on our recent holiday did offer gluten free bread and soya milk, a lot of their regular foods were cooked in butter or served with cream and they couldn’t make something different for me at every meal.

It would only have taken small adjustments to make my experience, particularly, easier but it wasn’t an option available to me on holiday, and probably won’t be in future either.

All of these things could be changed quite easily, though they wouldn’t be so cheap to purchase and manufacture, meaning they wouldn’t be as cheap to buy.

If I’m honest though, I’d happily pay a little bit extra for strawberry laces if they were vegetatian friendly, or for lactose free milk to be available in all of the coffee shops.

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