SHAW THING: That’s the way we roll...

MY family and I visited Flamingoland last week and had a blast!

Theme parks are something we’ve done as a famiy since I was tall enough to go on the rides, and now my sister is big enough too.

We’ve been to parks in the US, Egypt, and of course here in the UK we’ve visited Lightwater Valley, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Gulliver’s Kingdom, Alton Towers and its sister park Cariba Creek.

A few years ago we also went to Thorpe Park for a weekend. They’re always good fun and there’s something to do for all of us, whether that be rollercoasters, smaller rides, 4D movies, zoos or any number of other things.

When I was younger, I was an absolute adrenaline junkie, I wanted to try the biggest, scariest rides there were.

Over the past two years however, I’ve lost my thirst for rollercoasters and this visit I instead spent all day at the zoo with my mum, who has never liked rollercoasters.

We really had fun watching the animals and taking photographs of them while my dad and my younger sister endlessly queued up for the big rides.

We met up for our packed lunch and then got trapped in the car when the heavens opened. Eventually we decided to just head out anyway, grabbing an umbrella and our coats, we braved the awful weather and it was actually kind of fun.

We’d got lucky, but a lot of other visitors hadn’t.

There were people running through the torrential rain looking like they’d been showering fully clothed.

Almost everybody was absolutely drenched, even the animals! It was hilarious seeing the baboons sitting stoically in the pouring rain, occasionally giving a full body shake to dislodge the water.

It really brought back memories of being in Florida during hurricane season, when out of nowhere it would begin to rain so heavily you couldn’t see more than a few feet ahead of you.

Overall though it was a really fun time, and since it’s only a few hours away it’s a fun trip you can do in a day.