SHAW THING: Where’s the pumpkins?

THOUGH it is only mid-way through September, my anticipation for Halloween is already building.

I’m not one for big parties or anything like that, but I can’t help that I love everything about it.

The costumes and the sense of community spirit and the odd coloured food all make me so happy in a way that Christmas or Easter just don’t.

Speaking of which, already shops are stocking Christmas items - in September no less - and yet there is not a pumpkin to be found.

I find myself wanting to shout ‘but what about Halloween?’ every time I walk into a supermarket because for me, September/October is when I get baking fever.

Compounded by The Great British Bake Off airing and my return to university, I spend as much free time as I can in the kitchen, usually, because it’s September/October making pumpkin themed dishes.

In the past I’ve filled the house with muffins and cookies, I took them into university to hand out to my friends when we went for coffee and ate them as low fat desserts after meals.

This year my baking has been stalled a little by my inability to get hold of even tinned pumpkin.

None of the shops have pumpkins in, or even knows when they will be getting them.

I’m at a loss! Somehow shops can stock candy canes and wreaths and Christmas pudding, but no pumpkins.

Like most squashes, they can be grown as soon as there’s little chance of frost, and though I appreciate the weather in the UK is mercurial, I don’t recall having a particularly frosty spring.

As long as the seedlings were planted in late-May or early-June they should be just about ready for the first week of September.

Perhaps I should start looking a little further afield to farmers markets and the like to see if I can find any, but physically going hunting for pumpkins seems much more exhausting than making endless batches of vegan peanut butter cookies until I can grab one from the supermarket.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled!