'Stay home if you're ill' says a large majority in our poll

It’s the time of year for coughs and sneezes. But should you soldier on to work when you’re under the weather, or should you rest and recuperate at home?

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 11:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 4:51 pm
Achoo! Illness comes to us all, but should we stay off work more when it does?

We asked: “Should more be done to encourage people to stay at home when they are ill?”

Of almost 200 people who had voted via Facebook at the time of writing, 85% said yes, 15% said no.

Tony Isles said: “Love those brave souls with the lurgy that, no matter what, come into work, impress their boss for their resilience and give the rest of the staff it.”

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Donna Crawford agreed, saying: “People coming into work spreading bugs just ends up with more people needing time off work, so a little paid sick leave can keep the contagious at home.”

But Carol Straw said: “We don't get paid when we are off sick (until SSP kicks in). I dragged myself into work this morning (recovering from flu) and ended up having to come home again.”

Chris Hall thinks: “It’s incredibly selfish to go in when ill. I get people need to work yes, but a few days off to recover doesn’t infect the rest of the work force.

“Everyone should automatically get SSP from their employer for sick days up to a certain number per year. Then you have to fight the government for it

Neil Winfield said: “Unfortunately companies don't see it that way and haul you in for disciplinaries or even sacking you. Nissan and it's suppliers are the worst for that, nobody believes you no matter what you're off for.”