A tiny majority in our poll say they are 'happy' with the general election result

With the dust now settling on the general election, the public are taking stock of the situation.

Sunday, 15th December 2019, 1:48 pm
Updated Monday, 16th December 2019, 12:37 am
Boris Johnson arrives back at 10 Downing Street the morning after winning the general election.

Nationally Boris Johnson’s Conservatives had a convincing win. In both Labour MPs were re-elected in Hartlepool and Easington, but with significantly reduced shares of the vote.

So we asked in out Facebook poll: “Are you happy with the outcome of the general election?” Unlike the election, it was tight, with 51% of 1,700 people saying yes, 49% no.

Carol Burton said: “There’s nothing you can do if you’re not happy. I’d rather we didn’t have Mike Hill as he’s done nothing and will continue to do nothing.This was our chance to get rid and he got voted back in. People need to take there blinkers off.”

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Danny Chelsea Wilmot is: “Happy with the overall results, but disappointed in the town’s results. But as someone that respects democracy unlike those on the left I will deal with it and hopefully in five years we will also turn blue.”

Ryan McGarry said: “Yeah, I can't wait for another five years of food banks, inequality, disability discrimination, student debts, anti-environmental corporate greed, loss of free healthcare, public service cuts and deaths. It's gonna be great.”

Andy Precious Hill asked: “If you don't like it, why don't you go and live in a different country?”

Lorraine Wood wondered: “Did everyone that's taken this poll actually vote?”

Linda Cooper Foster said: “For the country yes for the town no. And yes I did vote.”