WAYNE’S WORLD: A Poolie platter to be pround of

I love people-watching and all week I have been waiting to share this with you.

Last Sunday afternoon I was walking down a side street near to Zeus nightclub when a lady asked for my help and it has to be the most random request ever?

She was carrying two large plates of Sunday dinner and they seemed to be a little over laden for her to carry.

I certainly could see some gravy splash on her denim jeans!

She asked in a nice but “you will do it” manner, her request was to just grab one of the plates as she was worried she would drop one of them.

I obliged and straight away a warning bellowed from the lady “the plate’s hot.”

She was not joking, I think half my fingerprints are still on the plate!

However the pain was worth it for the smell that overcame me.

I was carrying for a stranger a Sunday dinner. I found out from the lady I now know as just “Jan”, apparently everyone called her that. Jan always plates up a couple of extra dinners for an elderly couple just down the road from her.

The dinner looked amazing. In fact I did contemplate long-term borrowing a roast potato but I knew the blisters on my tongue would last forever. Yet it was still a Sunday lunch to be proud of with some interesting twists.

There was black pudding mash, home-made gravy with what looked like mini croutons which were in fact the crackling from the pork.

The whole thing looked amazing and I joked she should go into business.

After a few minutes we arrived at the destination for what was in my opinion the world’s best Sunday dinner.

As Jan described there waiting at the table as we entered the house were two old people. When I say old I mean at least 70.

The lovely couple thanked Jan and we both left, I could hardly walk as the hunger had taken over... I made conversation on the way back to Jan and asked if the old couple were family?

Jan replied: “No, they are just an old couple and it’s only right to make sure they are ok. Anyway its just a bit of meat and veg.”

I told Jan to buy today’s copy of the Mail and to check every page.

Jan I hope you are reading this. What you do is what makes Hartlepool people great. You can put no price on kindness. You plated up a dinner for two elderly Poolies and did it just to be nice.

You are what makes Hartlepool great and I will not forget your kindness even though I never got to sample in my opinion The Greatest Dinner on Earth.