WAYNE’S WORLD: A rig’s not right

Not for me
Not for me

It has been just over two months since I was made redundant from TFM Radio where I did the breakfast show.

I have since seen a fellow DJ friend of mine who was used to what could only be described as a cushy number working on the radio who is now having to sell carpets.

I was shocked to bump into him and he seemed very embarrassed of what I would think. He tried to make a joke out of his job.

What did I think? I was very proud. At the end of the day he got of his rear end and found a job - not to mention I could then utilise his staff discount.

I could tell he longed to be back on the radio and the weird thing was the very station he worked for was on in the background of the store.

The only thing I did feel sorry about was how the store manager always got my friend to do the in store announcements.

I’m sure they thought it was funny but my friend who was holding a cheap plastic microphone had in the past warmed up the crowd for bands like JLS.

My friend asked me how the job hunting was going? I said it was on going and I left the store.

No sooner had I left but I received an email saying that I had been requested to attend an interview, not for a radio station but an oil rig company.

The saying it’s not what you know but who you know is very true. My other friend, an oil rig fitter had put in a word for me and being an electrician helped.

I attended the interview, I passed the skills test and got offered a job.

It was great money, really great and the reason for this was the slight issue of a possible kidnap risk given the high risk foreign countries you would be working in.

That for me though was not the only thing on my mind, being away from my wife and three children for up to two months at a time is the real cost.

What job and money is worth not seeing your children everyday? Working on the oil rigs is a well paid slick job, but I would rather be penniless but be rich in hugs from my children.