WAYNE’S WORLD: A taxing time on the region’s roads

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A new law has been passed where if a driver is to be seen hogging the middle lane of a motorway, then the driver could receive a one hundred pound fine.

Personally I think it is a great law as I have witnessed many drivers stuck in the middle lane.

I also get very frustrated with the amount of people who drive in the outside lane.

When I was on the A19 yesterday, for every two cars on the inside lane there was six in the other, it was crazy.

My lane was actually running faster than the outer lane which effectively meant that we were undertaking which is against the law but due to the amount of cars in the other lane we had no choice, we were simply travelling at the speed limit.

My one big pet hate on the roads is what I believe is called the “Sunday driver”.

On the main road into Hartlepool just after the petrol station when you come off the A19, the queues were horrendous, in fact they were so bad I called in to a radio station to report a possible accident.

I then came up to a bend and could see lots of traffic behind a small white car.

The traffic was really bad for 10 minutes then it started to flow when the road broke into two lanes and as I approached the car on a road where the speed limit was 50mph, there was the driver of the white car going 20mph.

The driver was very elderly and was driving as if the car had just been invented and that he was the only one on the road.

I think we have all seen a driver like this who is going so slow on a road that it is dangerous for other road users.

Just as I sympathised with the driver due to his age, he then decided to turn into my lane oblivious that I was there. Luckily I was aware and moved out of the way, so in addition to the new lane hogging law maybe a fine for those who drive too slow putting other drivers in danger?