WAYNE’S WORLD: Accounting for the birthday spending

Today is my wife’s birthday.

She is 35, sorry but it had to be done.

It is a great time for me because this is the time where is only a four year age gap between us.

As soon as it is my birthday in July it becomes a five year gap and she teases me about being older all the way through to December.

I am 39, but I certainly do not feel it however time does fly by when you have children and as we have three boys the years are flying past far too quickly as we watch them grow up and look forward to their birthdays and Christmas.

The month of December is an expensive month for lots of people with the usual bills to deal with and Christmas.

So please spare a little sympathy for me who’s wife’s birthday is in December and my eldest son Joshua aged 8, his birthday is on New Year’s Eve so the expense is ridiculous.

He ends up having two parties, one during school term with his mates and another on New Year’s Eve.

I think having your birthday on this date in particular will be amazing for him when he is old enough to go out properly in town.

Dealing with the finances has also been a little tricky this year since my wife and I have just got a joint bank account.

Even though we have been together years we have never ever got round to having just one account.

When I had a career change this year we did the sensible thing most couples would do and that was to reassess the purse strings and one thing we did was get a joint bank account.

It’s been great and actually very beneficial because my wife deals with everything now and that takes away the hassle for me.

A word of warning though if you are planning a few birthday treats, USE CASH.

I can spend what I want, I do not need permission and I had planned to intercept any bank statements to make sure she would not know what I had bought her.

The one thing I did not plan for was the very efficient Lloyds Bank app on my wife’s mobile that messages her with every withdrawal from the bank and what it was spent on.

Brilliant to target fraud, not so good for the Birthday Girl.

Even though she knew what she was getting I hope today will be brilliant. If today is your birthday too, Happy Birthday, love the Mail x