WAYNE’S WORLD: Back to school for exams

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Recently I has to take an exam.

It was a health and safety test where if I pass I will be given a special card should I wish to work anywhere using my electrical qualifications.

I cannot name where I took the course but for clarification it was not a college!

I paid £40 for the test which involved self-study and a choice of buying an extra book or abusing your printer ink spitting out the 51 pages of health and safety multiple choice revision questions.

The test was easy, however I found the whole process very uncomfortable thanks to the lady invigilator looking after us.

She reminded me of school, you know that teacher that never cracks a smile and is never nice to you.

This lady, after announcing she was going to check if we were present simply looked at you with a glare and expected you to announce your name.

This made me very uncomfortable and at the end of the day I was her customer, but she had all the power.

There was a big sign stating any verbal abuse will result in you not being allowed to sit the exam.

Not that I would give abuse but this meant you could not speak to this lady about her negative attitude.

I have experienced something similar when checking in at an airport – you may have too – a member of staff has the world’s biggest chip on their shoulder but you have to take it as you know if you make any problems you are not on the flight!

Thankfully I know that my invigilator is not a true reflection of modern teaching today so my back to school moment hopefully will not happen again...