WAYNE’S WORLD: Blue badge abuse

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Anyone who has a genuine disability or is injured I believe should get some assistance with parking.

The majority of blue badge holders that allow the holder to park in most places without receiving a parking ticket, I hope are in real need of the help that such a badge allows.

In the past I have been very sceptical about such a badge in Hartlepool.

I believe the system is being abused as I see far too many cars parked up where the driver returns, seemingly fully able bodied and not assisting such a person that would require it.

The driver returning to their car is normally holding lots of shopping and getting ready to open the door on what can only be described as a car that most of us could not afford.

I have seen top series Range Rover sports, Porsches and recently in London I saw a blue badge displayed in the window of a Ferrari parked on double yellows only for a man to return with four coffees.

I think it is time that parking enforcement officers maybe started looking into this as I believe the system is being abused!

The other thing that I am noticing is people talking about are the parking ticket cars with the cameras on top.

You perhaps do not even notice them until they have driven past or until the ticket arrives through your door.

Even though it is wrong, sometimes you have no option but to stop on double yellows to maybe quickly answer a phone call, grab something from the local shop or even ask for directions.

The problem with this new camera technology it allows for no discretion, it simply snaps you automatically or the driver takes your picture and that’s it, you are fined.

Discretion is one of the greatest things ever.

A parking officer or police officer can look at why you are stopped, listen to you and decide if at this time a ticket should be issued.

With the camera things are not that easy, you have to try to appeal it in writing.

My advice is to make the effort as the majority of us do not contest tickets even if they were deemed to be issued incorrectly and the reality is the system is not set up to handle the majority of us doing so.

Why should we not sit back and pay?

Well I love contesting tickets and have had many tickets quashed!

Parking enforcement is needed but I believe it does need reviewing as when the original yellow lines or rules were put in place, the road system or times have changed and with the economy as it is I think we should support people coming into the town than giving those that pop in for a coffee and a few bits and bobs a ticket costing them a day’s wages.