WAYNE’S WORLD: Chill out? I was absolutely frozen

It has been very cold lately with more bad weather on the way.

It fascinates me how the national press, radio and television go a little overboard on the weather even though it is one of the Great British talking points.

Nothing breaks the ice (pardon the pun) than to talk about the weather.

It could also be stating the obvious.

It amuses me when I am at a bus stop and a complete stranger who would normally avoid me and not say hello states “Wow it’s freezing today”.

“Yes I know, I can hardly feel my feet” would be the answer I want to say but manners always get the better of me so I normally agree and offer a friendly smile.

It’s not just the weather that gets the same treatment.

If I walk past someone with my rods off to the coast to fish you are guaranteed to get someone saying “Going fishing are we”?

The cold snap has come just in time for the gas suppliers to really cash in on their recent price hikes and no matter how many times I get told to save money on heating and wear a jumper, the heating is on, only to be wasted in an instance by my wife.

My wife is a wonderful lady and an ambassador of telling off me and the kids the second we leave a door open for a nano second, a rule she does not observe.

I have the proof and it is slightly amusing.

Yesterday when it was very cold I came in from work to a cosy nicely-lit, warm house with the smell of a roast in the oven.

After I had checked that on my way home from work I had not entered a time warp jumping to Sunday, I realised that yes my wife had done a roast dinner in the week – amazing.

As we sat down to dinner she complained she was hot and opened a window.

Is she mad? Gas prices have gone up and within seconds the house had gone from cosy warm to slightly cool, a move that if I had done such a thing I would have been shouted at and labelled silly because of the high cost of heating.

She told me she was boiling hot after standing over a hot stove and that my reaction was a little over the top.

She said I needed to “chill out” to which I replied the whole house was embracing her request.