WAYNE’S WORLD: Give someone a chance to work

Near to where I live there is a street where all the local shops are.

I believe in shopping local because if you do not, you lose the shops, fact!

Some might think they are more expensive but to be honest for the convenience and the money you save on petrol it really does make sense.

We, like most people, have an abundance of charity shops on our street.

I don’t mind as they do good work and the kids like to have a look in there.

Quite often we end up buying a toy that the kids are so excited about that I know they had already previously owned, they just didn’t realise it was part of a toy room cull months before.

We also have five hairdressers on the street with yet another to open shortly.

I do not know why as all of the other hairdressers are never busy in the week and traditionally you can never get an appointment for weeks on a Saturday, or on the last day of the school holidays as it is rammed with little kids with overgrown heads of hair trying to convince their parents to let them have a logo shaved into their hair!

I just do not see how the person investing money into the new hairdressers that has most probably signed their house as a bond into the deal can possibly think that it is a good idea?

Not that I will ever be in a position of power to grant this but if I were, I would make every empty shop unit available to everyone who wanted to have a go at running their own business (even if it was yet another hairdressers).

Having empty retail units wherever they are is no good for anyone, the area or the economy.

For the companies of empty retail units holding out for months and months trying to find a tenant to pay the big lease over many years, try giving someone an opportunity.

If it works they may take it on forever as I know there are so many people out there with a great idea and a hard work ethic that just needs the keys to somewhere to make it work!