WAYNE’S WORLD: Going willingly into middle age

Today is my birthday. I am 39-years-old and when I announced it in the pub someone said “you’re middle aged now pal”.

It’s true, if the average man lives past his 70s then I am middle aged.

A few decades ago 30 was middle aged. Anyway forget the numbers, I feel great.

I think most 30-somethings today will not seem as old as our counterparts from years gone by due to modern technology?

When my dad was my age he would of been horrified to think that you downloaded music and the sight of an iphone would have looked like a fancy gadget from the film set of Star Trek.

We have more disposable income than he would have had even though we have been through some hard times and are still not in the clear yet.

Fashion plays a big part in making someone look older or younger and the ironic thing is looking back at some of my dad’s old pictures, many items he wore in the 1960s and 1970s have come back round and have gained cool status again.

And go into a modern party bar in the town and you will hear the songs that my dad thought were brilliant when he was a young man, even though he did have to go to town on the bus and buy them on cassette or vinyl.

So it seems that I am doing a good job of not making my age seem old.

But there are two things that have already bought me back to reality with a bump.

The first is a little box on a questionnaire where it asks you to tick a box with your age range in it.

I am fast moving up the box towards pensioner age.

The second was how a promotional team avoided giving me a holiday flyer about a holiday competition.

I would love a free holiday so I asked for one.

I was informed nicely that the holiday was an 18-30s holiday to Ibiza and I was too old to enter... Ouch!

But it’s true and which thirty something wants to be woken up at 5.00am to go on a booze cruise drinking 
Sambuca for breakfast... Not me!

But I am still able to party and come in at 5am no problem so I do not think I am quite Jurassic yet.