Wayne’s world: Have a merry Whinge-mas!

This is my last column until the new year so first of all let me wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The countdown to Christmas is on with many works nights out happening.

I have been working in two busy pubs in Newcastle as a DJ recently and it has been a nightmare the last few weeks.

The amount of whingers that come out and give you grief is unbelievable.

I am sure you are the sort of person that goes out, makes merry and does not cause any problems, or maybe you avoid going out.

I have witnessed many people on works nights out, that seem to only come out once a year to a city centre venue and they come in with a terrible attitude and it’s mainly down to drink.

The next part of the story is synonymous at the moment. I work in a pop/party bar on Fridays and a very cheesy bar on a Saturday that plays anything, no matter the year it was out, as long as it is well-known and cheesy.

The venues advertise this fact. You know what you are going to get when you walk in, yet some people think that they can walk up to you and say “What’s this?” I am sure you can guess the rest.

They have a bad attitude, when you ask what would they like, the response is “You’re the DJ”.

They are oblivious to the fact that the other thousand people are singing and loving what you do.

The situation can get so bad and their rudeness becomes so bad that they end up having to leave the bar.

If I did what half of them do to them where they worked I would be thrown out, barred, even arrested.

It is not uncommon to be assaulted either, one woman even ripped my jumper because she hated Christmas jumpers.

Imagine I did that to her at the bank she works at because I did not like her uniform. It’s unbelievable.

I can imagine what the emergency services have to put up with now, so please if you go out don’t whinge or whine because the DJ is playing party music when you walk into a party bar. We cannot change the world to evolve around you, just relax and enjoy yourself even if YMCA is on... It is Christmas after all.

Merry Christmas x