WAYNE’S WORLD: I’m addicted to a mobile moan

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In my new job as a training co-ordinator of apprentices, where I essentially teach and help electrical apprentices through their course, I have met many bright young people.

Gone are the days where five GCSEs at C grade are acceptable as I have seen a market of young people with As and A*.

So if you are young and you want to really get what you want, aim high.

There is one thing though that has become a nemesis for the young people and that is their mobile phone.

It is a marvellous invention and to be honest it can be used productively in class as it has everything you need from a calculator to the latest downloadable app that can assist you in almost anything.

The mobile phone though is extremely distracting. Every second there is a ping or a vibration which drags the person’s attention away from what they were doing to the latest update on facebook or twitter.

I wouldn’t worry about our teenagers of today eating too much like we have seen on various television programmes as all the ones that I meet use every break time to be on their phone.

It has become so much of a distraction that companies now insist that phones are locked away until specified break times and I honestly think that some of the teenagers have withdrawal symptoms.

You can see them every minute or so go to get their phones, only to then realise it is not in their pocket.

These mobile obsessed teenagers, who may I add are very clever are also not really adhering to the laws when driving either. I see them most nights looking down at their laps while stuck in traffic, reading texts.

We will not change this behaviour as our mobile has now become part of our lives.

I know because even after driving for 20 miles and then realising that I had left my phone at home, turned round to get it when really I could have coped without it.